The Lodge

Chilko Lake Waterfront
Chilko Newton Road, BC, Canada

Travel by Air or by Land
By Air (two options):
Options include either a direct charter flight to the lodge adjacent runway, or take a commercial flight to Williams Lake.  Both depart from Vancouver.  Williams Lake is a scenic three-hour drive from the Chilko Lake Lodge.

By Land:
The Lodge is a scenic ten-hour drive from Vancouver.


Driving From From Tatla Lake

To get to Chilko Lake Lodge via car please use the below or Google Maps to get directions to Tatla Lake, and then use Google maps to get directions from Tatla Lake to Chilko Lake Lodge.  The directions from Tatla Lake to Chilko Lake Lodge are below.  Please note even following the below directions you will need to be cautious as the road is not paved.

PLEASE NOTE AND AVOID directions that have you turn off the Bella Coola Highway (BC-20) around 20km outside of Alexis Creek.  Those directions take you down a road that is possible to drive with a good 4x4 and if you carry a chainsaw for the occasional dead-fall.  We highly encourage everyone driving to take the below directions and avoid the Chilko Newton Road.  

1. From Tatla Lake turn south at the Junction towards Tatlayoko.  (Chilko Lake Lodge/Resort is almost exactly 60km from this turn off).
2. Follow that road for almost exactly 20 km. Then you will see a sign saying Chilko Lake, turn left.  There is also a sign here for the Cochin Refuse Dump. 
3. Keep on that road for another 25 km where you will then come to a fork. Keep right (left will say no threw road).
4. Another 5 km (50km from Tatla Lake turn off) you will see Chilko River Lodge. Keep driving past. You will then pass Hustons (aka Chilko Experience) and then McLain’s Lodge (you will see a bunch of corals and horses on your left) as soon as you pass them you will come to a slight fork in the road again. There will be a sign that says Chilko Lake Resort to the left. Follow that and drive as far as the road will take you. You will arrive at the Lodge at the end of the road.


Contact Us

We look forward to sharing this majestic wilderness with you.  We are open from July through October and accept reservations on a first come first serve basis.  Please reach out with any questions using the form on the right or book now directly through our secure booking site by clicking "Book Now" at the top of the page.

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